Welcome to RBT

Change makes us grow.

RBT is the market leader in the Engadin and its southern valleys. We would like to tell you what has made us who we are and how we intend to gain your trust and preserve it in the long-term.

Change makes us grow. Everything remains different. We, advisors and auditors, understand change as an opportunity. Daily training strengthens our staff and keeps the company fit. Fit for efficient advisory services and your individual needs. May we convince you? We would be glad to.


Finally, a firm that prefers working to philosophising.

Enrico Joos

Joos remains Joos. As a consultant and strategist through and through, Joos always has his eye on the change without losing track of tradition. He is leading partner at RBT.

Fritz Nyffenegger

As a trustee and analyst, Nyffenegger is calm personified. An accurate all-rounder in finance and accounting and an expert in tax law.

Michael Conrad

As a certified auditor and business economist, he puts great emphasis on risks. He is a balance sheet reader with a distinct feeling for pitfalls and economic efficiency.

Marco Fontana

As a licensed fiduciary expert and solution-orientated all-rounder, he touches the nerve of our clients. Due to his penchant for innovation, he was one of the main drivers of the new developed RBT portal.

Daniel Barmettler

As a professional accountant, he is constantly adapting to clients’ needs. Lively advisor dealing with unconventional problems and one of the driving forces behind the RBT portal.

Martin Stamm

He is a certified public accountant with an international background. As an experienced advisor and analyst, he is a goal-orientated pilot in our clients’ financial cockpit.

Jon Duri Pult

An impressive generalist. The fiduciary expert convinces with concise analytical skills and is always up to date when it comes to digitization.

Keeping your eyes open for your finances: With flair and expertise.



Whatever industry you are in, whether you come to us as a SME company or as an individual. Good solutions are based on trust. Thus, we highly appreciate sustainable cooperations in which we support you as competent and reliable partner.

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