Benchmarking and trend barometer

Acting instead of reacting

Numbers speak volumes. Provided you can interpret them and have the necessary resources. What if you could compare your own performance with the results of your competitors? Conceivably simple .

A regional thermometer

Sustainable positioning needs intelligent market monitoring and constant market analysis. Our planning and controlling software is made for the hotel industry and combines these building blocks delivering visible results. Your performance can be viewed at the push of a button and be compared to those of your competitors. And in addition to that you will receive a regional and segmented report on a monthly basis.



Trend barometer.
Insight into the future

This tool provides monthly forecasts on the consolidated booking status for the next three months and shows when action is required. But that’s not all. In addition to getting a monthly feedback, your current booking status can be displayed on the screen.



Best performance for the hotel industry

For this offer, we are relying on the performance of Fairmas experts and their software used in well over 4,000 hotels and by 11,000 users worldwide. The company is specialised in market analyses and in developing planning and controlling software.

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