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Finally, a firm that prefers working to philosophising.

Accounting. Taxes. Business advisory. Auditing. That is our daily business. But we also draft individual and innovative strategies with diligence, quality and as member of professional associations. This makes us an efficient interface between banks, authorities and insurance companies.

Our experience has not come from just anywhere: it has come from our clients; small and medium-sized companies in the Engadin region, Samnaun and the southern valleys, especially from the hotel and hospitality industry, the construction and ancillary industry, commerce, healthcare, the liberal professions, communities and individual persons.


Visions are not dreams of the future.

RBT is guided first and foremost by visions. Visionaries are people who are passionate about what they do. Passion is our driving force.

Transmit genuine content instead of only scratching the surface.

Cultivate sincere dialogues. Continuously, in good times as well as in difficult times.

Provide overall success. Because we focuse on the whole.

Be a driver of socio-economics in the Engadin.


Not the size matters, but your needs.

Whatever industry you are in, whether you come to us as a SME company or as an individual. Good solutions are based on trust. Thus, we highly appreciate sustainable cooperations in which we support you as competent and reliable partner.

Competent by experience and continuous education. Reliable as every employee is able to assist on any case. Our quality is based on maintaining a good and correct relationship with authorities and other instances of public life.


RBT no longer is what it used to be.

A lot has changed since the gentlemen Riedi, Berni and Theus founded the company in 1949. Shirtsleeve holders and journals on blueprint paper have long ago given way to complex rules and regulations and modern information technology.

The former general partnership became a stock company in the 1990s and in January 2009 the long-standing leading partner Enrico Joos and his partners Fritz Nyffenegger and Michael Conrad purchased all shares of the company. In 2015, the next generation, namely Marco Fontana, Daniel Barmettler and Martin Stamm, became partners.

Nevertheless, the company is still characterized by its tradition:

Embedded in the Engadin valley with its local conditions.

As natives, we speak the language of our clients, are familiar with their concerns and share the same culture.

The three letters in the company logo.

The three capital letters have taken on an additional meaning. R, B and T are no longer simply the first letters of the founders' names. They also stand for ”Revision, Beratung und Treuhand”, meaning auditing, advisory and accounting, the basis of our wide-ranging repertoire.

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